Here comes the 2016 Norcal Series!!

First half of the year schedule (some events still pending). More details to come!

Feb 13-14 Otter Pro
Feb 20-21 Otter Am
Feb 27-28 Vintage Cup under 40
Mar 5-6 Vintage Cup (All Pro Divisions and Am older age protected Divisions)
Mar 11-13 St Patricks Am
Mar 18-20 St. Patricks Pro
Apr 2-3 Auburn Am
Apr 9-10 Auburn Pro
Apr 30-May 1 Motherlode Am
May 6-8 Santa Cruz Am (unconfirmed norcal)
May 14-15 Motherlode Pro
May 20-22 Santa Cruz Pro (non norcal)
May 27-29 St. Jude Disc Golf (non norcal)

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