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  1. I was wondering what you get for winning overall points? It used to be an opportunity to play in skins matches for scrip or cash. Then that went away and they had special hats for the top 8 or 12 players, depending on the division.

    What do you get now? And how far down does NorCal ‘pay’ out for each division?

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your participation in the 2010 NorCal Series. I think we had a great series of tournaments and end up with a great championship in Orland. The Army Corp of Engineers was very impressed with our group and disc golf and I hope they spread the word to the other divisions of the corp. so that we get more courses in California.

    Please see below the response to your questions on the overall point leaders for the NorCal Series.

    The past two years we handed out top leader hats. Most of the players did not stay after for the awards to pick up their hat and it left us with many unused dated hats. This year the top 3 players in each division received a trophy and the top leader will receive a jacket. Unfortunately, there were no hats this year because we were not able to get them in time for championships. This was an oversight and we will revisit the hats again next year. There was nearly $13000 added cash to the payout. The Open & Master Division was payout out with the PDGA Scale at 40%.

    Thank you for taking the time to ask about the Championships. We welcome comments & suggestions and have asked for them numerous times from the players. If you want to suggest that we use a deeper payout for the Championships such as 45% or 50% I welcome you to send in the suggestion. I would email it to jenspepsi2@sbcglobal.net or even start a conversation on our facebook page norcalseries group.

    What I would like the board to consider next year is changing how the overall points are counted. It is very difficult to run an “A” tier event of 160 to 180 players and then try and calculate overall points for a series. Very few want to stick around after the tournament for the overall awards. I would like to see the overall points ending before championships so that we could have an awards party the Saturday night of the championships. This would also give the top players more recognition. This is only my opinion and has to be address to the board and to honest I’m not sure that they would be in favor. We can also consider other options for top leaders.

    I hope that the players recognize that the board is trying to work together to provide a high quality Disc Golf Series. We are trying to keep the old but bring in some new. We have two new board members this year and are still looking for more representatives. Maybe you would consider being a representative?


    Jenny Knisley

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