3 thoughts on “San Francisco Safari Pro/Am”

  1. Registration process for the Safari was ridiculous! Nor Cal needs to wrest control of the proces from SF Disc Golf as the online registration filled up in two minutes and didn’t allow dedicated Nor Cal regular players to get in. Seems like it was set-up to allow SF Disc Golfers to register. Left a bad taste in my mouth for anything to do with SF Disc Golf Club. The TD made sure she was registered! Absurd and unfair!

  2. I am sorry that you did not get in. Registration was run thru PDGA an was not rigged. We did online reg this year to ensure that everyone had a fair chance to get in. We could have easily filled 300 spots if we had the capacity.

    The only spots held back were 12 for women. This was done in an effort to encourage more women to play.

    If you would like to larger tournaments in SF please write the Parks and Rec department in support of our bid to build a new disc golf course in SF.

  3. Thanks for responding Becky. I realize the SF Safari is extremely popular and I agree that anything to enourage more female participation is a good thing! I just disagree with the methodology utilized for registration. Anyway, it’s old news now! See you at the next tournament! Thank again for responding…

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