5 thoughts on “NorCal Points updated through Masters Cup Amateur”

  1. Because as it says here: http://www.norcalseries.com/points/ all of the tournaments, including the St. Pattys and Masters Cup, are scored for NorCal as B-Tiers. That means NorCal is giving them less weight than PDGA does. I think that is why. Hope that made sense.

  2. Hi Chuck: If you’re asking why you have fewer points for St Patties for Norcal than you do for the PDGA, the answer is on the page with your points “** All regular season tournaments will be scored as B-tiers. The Norcal Championships will be scored as an A-tier.” this is the same as last year.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Because the was almost no turn-out for Senior Grandmasters in 2009 there was no trophy awarded. So this year I have not been tracking Sr. Grandmaster NorCal points — this is the same for Women’s Grandmasters, Novice, and Rec divisions as well.

    You will still accumulate PDGA points, but this is not related to the NorCal Series.

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