NorCal Finals Update

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The 2008 NorCal Series Championships will NOT be offering skins. The following players are the top leaders of their divisions and will receive a “NorCal Top Competitor” embroidered hat. Additional funds will be put back into the tournament to benefit all players.

Who decided to eliminate skins?

The decision to eliminate skins was made by The NorCal Board.

Reasons skins where eliminated

We are attempting to bring the NorCal championships up a level. As you may have noticed we are an “A” tier event. In order to do this we need to play more holes this is a PDGA requirement. Playing more holes meant eliminating an event.
In the past a lot the players that qualified for skins did not show up to play skins. Many of the players did not play out the holes, they just divided the money and left. There was no guarantee that a skins player would receive any money/prize.

Where is the money going?

The money is going back into the tournament. It will pay for:

  • PDGA Fees
  • Trophies
  • End of year
  • Trophies given to top 3 players for NorCal series (determined after the tournament)
  • Players Packages Disc & Shirt
  • Lunch
  • Park Fees
  • Sanction Fees

NorCal Doubles will be played Sunday afternoon at Rocklin after the final round of the Championships. You do not have to play the NorCal Championships in order to play doubles.

We would like to make a picture board to have at the tournament awards. If you have any 2008 tournament pictures please email them to us at


Jennifer Knisley

California State Coordinator (North)

Open (top 12 finishers)

  • Derek Billings
  • Josh Anthon
  • Gregg Barsby
  • Dallas Albright
  • John Child
  • Don Smith
  • Jon Baldwin
  • Myles Harding
  • Brandon Sy
  • Ruben Alaniz
  • Nate Doss
  • Ray Johnson

Pro Masters (top 8)

  • Jeff Fiedler
  • Doug Werner
  • Harold Hampton
  • Bruce Knisley
  • Scott Riley
  • Ron Skull Brown
  • Jim Hagen
  • Roger Cansler

Pro Grandmasters (top 4)

  • Kenny Lee
  • David J. Malolepszy
  • Richard Brumbeloe
  • Marty Hapner

Pro Women (top 4)

  • Kristy King
  • Carrie Burl Berlogar
  • Kathy Manley
  • Anni Kreml

Advanced Men (top 12 Finishers)

  • Steven Moranec
  • Nick Garcia
  • David Madruga
  • John “0pe” Whalen
  • Mike Peremba
  • Richard Bautista
  • Jesse Gardner
  • Jason JFED Johnson
  • Ben Boylan Jr.
  • JJ Ross
  • Anthony Demers
  • Tim Ittner

Advanced Masters (top 8)

  • Kirby Ralston
  • James Brennan
  • Mark Whittingslow
  • Les Swift
  • Mike Joplin
  • Mark Pelzner
  • Kevin Fenner
  • Mike Miller

Advanced Grandmasters (top 4)

  • Mike Corbett
  • Dan Rea
  • Frank Ammon
  • Rob Brox

Advanced Women (top 4)

  • Victoria Bruss
  • Becky Terrill
  • Jenna Johnson
  • Brittany Breed

One thought on “NorCal Finals Update”

  1. Hi Jen,

    Is this the program for this year only, or did the NorCal series Board eliminate the skins games for multiple years? And will the hats be the reward for next year, too?

    It would be great to know at the start of the season what the finals will bring. Likely some people are upset about the loss of the skins (I’m not), and in particular because of the late notification.

    Does the Board post meeting minutes? If so, where?

    MANY THANKS for all of your hard work and the work of the other Board members. It is a task few are willing to tackle, and I appreciate your efforts.


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