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  1. Hi Steve G. and Matt K.,

    Let me preface my question with a big THANK YOU for this web site and all the work that goes into it.

    Do either of you know how Player of the Year is determined? It seems like in the Championships flyer the winner of that single day event is PoY. Is that right? Or is it voted on? Or based on most points over the course of the year?

    I was kind of hoping it might be some kind of photo contest, like PMOY or some such. Not that anyone needs to see me naked–I thought we’d have eveyone take pictures of PMs and the pic with the best lighting, composition, etc. would win. Whaddya think? I bet Hef could send his threesome up here as part of the GND TV series.

    Just rambling…

  2. The Player of the Year is determined by points standings in each division. Sorry, but best dressed or least dressed doesn’t figure into it. But the points earned at the NorCal Champs adds onto your points totals so quite often the last day’s competition will decide Player of the Year.

  3. We’ll be publishing a list of qualifiers shortly, but it’s typically the top 12 Open Men, top 12 Advanced Men (plus the top Intermediate player), top 8 Open Masters, top 8 Advanced Masters, top 4 Open Women, top 4 Advanced Women, top 4 Open Grandmasters and top 4 Advanced Grandmasters that qualify.

  4. You posted the qualifiers and it mentions that players qualify with all the events prior to the Champs. I was wondering if a person can still end up qualifying for skins after the points are talleied following the Champs?

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