Keith Johnson

Jenny Knisely, PDGA State Coordinator, Northern California wrote to us last night with the following news:

Last night Keith Johnson took his life. Keith has been a big part of the Orangevale Disc Golf Community and a dear friend and we will miss him deeply. No funeral service will be held, but there will be an informal memorial at the Orangevale Course on Monday September 3rd @ 9:00 AM. This is a way for fellow disc golfers to say goodbye to a very special friend.

Pay your respects and learn more on the Final 9 Forums.

2 thoughts on “Keith Johnson”

  1. Keith Johnson, a very dear friend, has left us. It was a pleasure and honor knowing him and being involved in the lifetime sidebet group along with Skullmaster, John Lipnisky and Brian Jonas. I will miss watching him miss 4 ft. putts on purpose to avoid owing an extra 5 bucks, making kick putts into the basket (perhaps the best in the world at this) and playing poker with him. He put so much thought into everything he did and gave selfless help to the OV golf course probably more than anyone else. I can’t believe it and I am sorry to everyone he knew. The disc-golf community is a very special one and KEITH JOHNSON was truly a huge part of that. When I get to world beyond to greet him again we will then make an “eternity sidebet”. I love you Keith and always will.

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