2007 NorCal Series Championships Awarded to Oroville

It’s official!

The 2007 NorCal Series Championships was awarded to Oroville and will be played at the 36 hole Riverbend Park. Check back here soon for details and registration information.

6 thoughts on “2007 NorCal Series Championships Awarded to Oroville”

  1. Hey Stan, just for info. Thats the front 18. The new back 18 is way better than the front. IMHO. Come and throw a round. It’s a great course!

  2. I have to second that!! The local players have worked very hard on both courses and it shows. The back course is my favorite, and is very challenging. Well worth the time.. PS.. The pictures on that link are of the original 18 hole course. There is very nice community park in place of some of those holes now and the front 9 holes have been altered to play around the Park features…

  3. RIverbend DiscGolf Course has 18 holes on the South course with a few long technical shots. The North 18 is a lot of putt n approach on front 9, back 9 has some long open drives.
    this is gong to be a great event and we would like to welcome the Norcal series back to Oroville, and Thanks for choosing our beautiful course for the Championship. :P

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