Best Masters Cup Ever!

Steady Ed Memorial Amateur Masters CupSanta Cruz, CA

A NorCal Series | PDGA A-Tier Event
May 4th6th, 2007

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2007 Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup. It was defiitely one to remember. The weather was great, the staff was outstanding, and the disc golf was, of course, exceptional.

Perhaps the the moment that will be remembered for pushing it into legendary status was Sean Ulrich’s remarkable ace run on 27. Mike Miller recaps it for us:

Sean Ulrich (Santa Cruz local) hit an ace from 27 (Top of the World) towards the end of the day today. It was a thing of beauty. There was a huge gallery at the bottom that watched it fly right in like strong putt. A freakin’ huge cheer went up! It was so cool.

Before Sean could get down the hill, the gallery had filled his Crystal Buzz with over $100 their own money. Once he got to the basket we found out that this was his first ace! And he’s been playing for over 20 years!

And just to put the icing on the cake: Tournament Director Marty Hapner had just gotten up to the top of the world and, shortly before Sean threw, put a $100 bill on the teepad and said “that’s for anyone that gets an ace here”. Wow! What timing…

— Mike T. Miller #25036

Thanks to Marty Hapner, DGA and ever single volunteer, sponsor and participant who helped make this a Masters Cup to remember.

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  1. who took pictures this weekend? i know someone has some good shots of the lead groups just begging to be posted for our viewing pleasures!

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