4 thoughts on “Vintage Cup”

  1. Are these ratings a mistake, or was there another reason these 915+ rated players were playing intermediate?

    1 Steve Schroeder 32355 944

    2 David Madruga 32315 925

    14 Benn Sutherlin 32496 943

    Just curious. They’re all baggers as far as I’m concerned *grin*

  2. As this was there second tournament each and the first Nor-Cal event for one of them Dave allowed them in for this tournament. But as you see as they finished first and second AM 1 is where they belong.

  3. Craig, Another year goes by and a whole new generation of Napa-baggers is born….

    Great shooting, I thought you had that one! Congrats to Mike Joplin and Tom McGraw, great job!

    Hope to see you at the Motherload this weekend!

    BBq and Putting this Friday at Camp Costa?

    Mark Bohn Sr.

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