9 thoughts on “2006-2007 NorCal Series Schedule”

  1. No–thank you!! And Matt Kelly and any others I’m missing. I love this site! And the listing of dates is AWESOME–I am glad you decided to list the CVS dates too. Lots of overlapping players between the CVS and NorCal Series.


  2. I’ve noticed that the NorCal fees are $5 per person this year. Where does that money go? That will add up to a huge amount by the end of the season. And what’s up with $75 for a B tier event in Napa? Sheesh.

  3. NorCal fees have been $5 for as long as I can remember, Rich.

    In addition to covering operating expenses during the year, a large majority of the funds are poured into the NorCal Championships at the end of each season.

    For more information, ask Mr. Neal or Rob Byers next time you see them out there.

    As for the entry fee for Napa, you’ll have to take that up with the TD. NorCal doesn’t impose any guidelines beyond that of the PDGA when it comes to entry fees.

  4. I added the total fees collected for Nor Cal tournament fees and it’s nearly $12,000. The amount collected from players for the Nor Cal championships alone was about $5500. Someone needs to ask some questions.

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