2006 NorCal Series Championships

2006 NorCal Series ChampionshipsUkiah, CA

A NorCal Series | PDGA B-Tier Event
September 9th10th, 2006

Pro Sportsman of the Year – John Child

Pro Open Player of the Year- Gregg Barsby

2nd overall- John Child (Also voted Pro Sportsman of the Year)

3rd overall- Myles Harding

Amateur Sportsman of the Year – Jory Greene

…with the creation of the Jory Greene Memorial Trophy to be awarded to the Amateur Sportsman of the Year as a perpetual trophy

Pro Master Player of the Year – Geoff Fiedler

2nd overall-Peter Sontag

Tie 3rd overall- Kenny Lee

Tie 3rd overall- Doug Werner

Pro Women Player of the Year -Staci Pauly

2nd overall- Kathy Manley

3rd overall- Carrie "Burl" Berlogar

Pro Grandmaster Player of  the Year- Michael Travers

2nd overall- Jeff Stoops

3rd overall- David Malolepszy

Advanced Men Player of the Year- Sparky Kerns

2nd overall- Rick Larson

3rd overall-SEan Currier

Advanced Women Player of the Year- Kristine King

2nd overall- Sheri Hoefler-Weese

3rd overall- Jennifer Smith

Advanced Masters Player of the Year- Tom McGraw

2nd overall- Kevin Crews

3rd overall- Dave Sterrett

Advanced Grandmasters Player of the Year- Walter Langford

2nd overall- Dan Bertoncini

3rd overall- Can Rea\

Intermediate Men Player of the Year- Ben Fairley

2nd overall- Les Swift

3rd overall- Daniel Crim

Intermediate Women Player of the Year- Darla Thomas

2nd overall- Anne Farrell

3rd overall- Terri Duncan

Juniors Under 16 Player of the Year- Mark Bohn Jr.

2nd overall- Josh Fluke

3rd overall- Zack Beaudet

Update: Awards Ceremony to be held on Sunday after Doubles. Lunch will be catered. Come see the new Jory Greene Amateur Sportsman of the Year Award.

Sunday Doubles @ Mendocino College: 27 Hole Layout — Scheduled to begin at 1:00pm. There is a Triathlon scheduled for Sunday morning, so please do not play the course Sunday morning. Signups will be taken at Lake Mendocino Overlook from 10am to 12 noon.

10-Hole Skins Finals Round

Lake Mendocino Disc Golf Course

  1. Tee #1 to Hole#2
  2. Hole #3
  3. Hole#4
  4. Hole #5
  5. Tee #6 to Hole#7
  6. Alternate Hole#11
  7. Hole #12
  8. Hole #13, then walk across road and through Hole #14 to:
  9. Alternate Hole #15, take path directly form Hole #15 to tee #18
  10. Hole #18

Skins will be $25 each or $250 total for each group.

Qualifiers for each group are determined by their finish in NorCal points prior to the Championships as follows:

  • MPO top 12 finishers
  • MPM top 8
  • MPG top 4
  • FPO top 4
  • MA1 top 12 finshers
  • MM1 top 8
  • MG1 top 4
  • FW1 top 4

Skins begins at 9:00 am Sunday morning; Players must be present at that time

All Skins Groups will tee-off beginning at Hole #1.  Players will be drawn for groups from the pool of qualifiers for their division.  Players have 2 minutes to respond to their name called.  Failure to respond and the called player will be disqualified and passed over to the next available qualifier.

Tie-Breaker- Hole #18, then Disc Central to Hole#17, then Hole#18 again on and on if necessary

Course Info and Rules

Lake Mendocino Disc Golf Course

Course Map

  • All PDGA Rules will be enforced
  • Two-Meter rule is in effect
  • DANGER! DO NOT attempt to retrieve discs landing over the cliff or in the vineyard; this will be cause for disqualification if you live through it!
  • Out of Bounds Areas:
    • Hole #2-Over the Cliff, take a safe stance one meter from where it went out-of-bounds, do not retrieve the disc!
    • Hole#3,4,5, 8,13,and 18- Asphalt Pavement Area
    • Hole #9-12- Fenceline and beyond, Do not go into the Vineyard to retrieve discs!
    • Hole #17- Children’s Play Area- if you are completely surrounded by tanbark or other play area surface.
  • Tie-Breaker Holes: Players tied for the top three places will go to Sudden Death Playoff for the trophies, starting at Hole #18, then Disc Central to Hole#17 and around again if necessary.

Low Gap

Course Map

  • All PDGA Rules will be enforced.
  • The Two-Meter Rule is in effect.
  • Blind Holes from the Tee- Holes #12,14,15 Advise you send out a spotter from each group.
  • Out-of-Bounds:
    • Hole #14 Fenceline and beyond to the right
    • Hole #16 Caretaker?s fenced-in area
    • Hole #17 Playground Area- if completely surrounded by playground surface.
    • Note: The Asphalt road through the course is not out-of-bounds.
  • Tie-Breakers: In the event of a tie in the top three places, sudden death playoff will begin at Hole#1, then dirt area at Hole#1 to Hole#17, then Alternate Hole #18, then around again if necessary.
  • Parking Overflow- The High School Parking Lot across the street may be used if the Low Gap lot is full.
  • The Canopy Area will be reserved for Disc Central on Saturday.

Mendocino College

Course Map

  • All PGDA Rules will be enforced.
  • The Two-Meter Rule will be in effect.
  • Park only in the designated parking area at the end of Hensley Creek Road.
  • Toilet Facilities: May be difficult to find, The Eagle?s Nest Café may be open, restrooms around campus buildings may be open.
  • Blind Holes- Hole #4 Up the hill, Hole #12 Up the Hill, Hole #13B Advise sending a spotter from each group to watch the drives.
    • Out-of-Bounds:
    • Hole #7-Hole#10- Fenceline and beyond to the right
    • Hole#11-Pond Area
    • Hole #13A,B,orC- Pavement Area or Access Road and beyond.
    • Hole #14A- Pond Area
    • Hole #15, 15A- Access Road and beyond to the right.
    • Hole #16- Pond Area
    • Hole #17, 18- Access Road and beyond
  • Tie-Breakers: In the event of ties in the top three places, there will be Sudden-Death Playoff beginning at Hole #1, then Hole#18, then Alternate Hole #1, then Alternate Hole #18, then repeat the circuit if necessary.
  • Parking: It is important that players park only in the designated parking area. We do not want to affect adversely the other activities at the campus.

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    Mark, you’ve done a great job in raising a next generation volunteer! Please give Mark Jr. my sincere thanks for helping me and Matt Kelly out with all the scores and the points and everything. He is a fine young man and you should be very proud!

    Look forward to seeing you guys next season!

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