8 thoughts on “Points updated through Auburn”

  1. why is there astericks in some of the points columns? I thought that if we played, then we get points. I play for points. If I had known that I would not get points, I would not have played.

  2. Sheri, check out the breakdown on the points system.

    As you can see, your overall points are calculated by adding the points from your top 7 series tournament finishes PLUS the points for your NorCal Series Championship finish.

    Once you play more than 7 events, the events with lowest point totals “drop off” since only the top 7 count.

    The incentive to keep playing is to best one of your lower point totals.

  3. Hey folks. Sorry about the points reverting back. I was fixing a typo on a different scoresheet and inadvertently rolled back to the wrong version on the pro scoresheet. Should be fixed (again) now.

    And as Steve mentioned, it’s top 7 series finishes for Ams, top 10 for Pros.

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