DGA “Steady” Ed Memorial Master’s Cup Winners

Thanks to all the players who made the trip out West this year.

Check out news coverage at the Santa Cruz Sentinel and PDGATour.com

Past winners of the Steady Ed Memorial Award, Tom Schot and Ken Climo, look on as Stancil Johnson accepts the award for 2006. (photo: Dezmon)


  1. Ken Climo
  2. Steve Rico
  3. Micah Dorius

Open Women

  1. Juliana Korver
  2. Des Reading
  3. Carrie Berlogar


  1. Geoff Lissaman
  2. Jim Meyers
    Jim Oates


  1. J. Michael Barry
  2. Snapper Pierson
  3. Gregg Beukelman

Senior Grandmasters

  1. Tom Schot
  2. John Friz Whiz Kirkland
  3. Peter Shive


  1. Stancil Johnson

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