Congratulations Master’s Cup Winners!

Thanks to Delaveaga Disc Golf Club for the hard work getting the course into championship shape. It was beautiful out there. And a huge round of applause to Tournament Director Marty Hapner for leading the way and putting together another outstanding tournament.

James Pendergast – 2006 Master’s Cup Advanced Amateur Champion (photo: Dezmon)


  1. James Pendergast
  2. Jim Powars
  3. David Cooper

Advanced Women

  1. Kristy King
  2. Jennifer Smith
  3. Kalena Luxon


  1. David Hammer
  2. Kevin M. Crews
  3. Bill Sherman


  1. Mark Caton
  2. Cortland Peterson
  3. Rob Brox

Senior Grandmasters

  1. Bob Chard


  1. Joe Wilson
  2. Bodi Tunheim
  3. Les Swift

Intermediate Women

  1. Katie Beckett
  2. Courtney Messer
  3. Terri Duncan


  1. Jon Yeager
  2. Scott Fuller
  3. Jason Halk

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