Gone but Never Forgotten

Fans of Jory Greene gathered in Vacaville yesterday to remember their friend with kind words, a lot of love, and two rounds of disc golf.

Greg Pyle’s beautiful eulogy had many of us smiling though our tears. Thank you, Greg.

Jory GreeneJory grew up in Vallejo and like many of us was a runner and a Frisbee thrower in his youth. There is something about that combination of personality traits that draw us together in disc golf, non-traditional thinkers, counter culture types, independent people. But Jory wasn’t just a runner; he was a great runner. I believe his best mile time was around 4:10, but Jory was a modest man and never talked about his glory unless you pried it out of him.He started throwing Frisbee in what he called Sherwood Forest, what we know as Hanns Park in Vallejo.

Somewhere in his wanders Jory was a Carney worker on the midway, he once told me that it was the ladies who visited the carnival that made that the best job he ever had. When he was 18 he met Adrienne and a year later their son Jordan was born. When they got married Jory wanted Jordan to be his best man and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Soon after that Jacob was born. The family lived in Florida for a few years, but eventually moved back to northern California where he discovered Frisbee golf here at Lagoon Valley Park. He was out here with his Whamo, tossing it around in the wind when Greg Roberts gave him his first disc. I’m sure he was hooked as soon as he threw one. Jory loved many things but mostly his family, his friends and disc golf.

He was a fierce competitor who loved a challenge. And when a few dollars were on the line, it didn’t matter who you were or how many strokes you were ahead by, he’d find some way to get into the cash. Many Tuesday nights the $5 buy in meant that if he lost he didn’t have lunch money for the next day. He seldom missed Wednesday lunch. Jory was a selfless person who did things for others and expected little for himself, he was honest and hardworking, independent and loyal and whatever he had he’d share whether it was a little or a lot. And I don’t think any person who ever met him didn’t like him. And as much as Jory liked Disc Golf, I think he liked the minis better. He used to play a course through his house all year round, and at Worlds in Arizona he just missed being in the cash by one place. There are many stories of Jory that I could tell u, but I won’t. I leave that to you his fellow players to share with each other as you play your round today.

Jory was many things… a son, a husband, a father, and a friend…and he is gone, and he is missed.

 I leave you with these words by Steve Ganz, whom I think has said it best…

Jory was one of the kindest, most genuine individuals that the NorCal Series has ever known and his absence will leave a hole in the heart of disc golf in Northern California.

Fly high and (fly) free, my brother.

The Jory Greene Award will go to the NorCal Series Amateur Sportsperson of the Year

The Jory Greene Award

No one would argue that Jory Greene was a great example of true sportsmanship. To the delight of everyone, Neal Hoellwarth announced that the NorCal Series Amateur Sportsperson of the Year will now be receive “The Jory Greene Award” and a special trophy will be created to forever memorialize our friend. Thanks to Desmond Knibbs for this great idea.


Neil Finicum wanted to pass along his gratitude to everyone who made donations to Jory’s sons. Neil spearheaded the effort to set up savings accounts for the boys and reports that nearly $2500 was raised by those in attendance. If you would like to contribute, please make individual checks payable to both Jordan W. Hanks-Greene and Jacob M. Hanks-Greene and mail to:

Neil Z. Finicum
7687 Hartley Road
Vacaville, CA 95688

Thanks to all who showed up to pay their respects and a huge thanks to Bob and Staci Pauly who organized the competition.

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