5 thoughts on “NorCal Points Updated”

  1. You have my name listed twice in the Advanced Masters division points list, once as JC Otis and second as J C Otis. Please correct the list by combining my points for JC Otis and J C Otis, delete J C Otis duplicate and keep all my scores under JC Otis. Thank you.

  2. My results from the gold pan and St. pattys are listed under two different names, Jonathan Owen and Jon Owen. I guess the names I registered with are different. My monterey results will be listed under Jonathan Owen. Would you combine my results? Thanks

  3. My name is listed twice on the points as Bob Bliss and Bobby Bliss. Could you fix this please. I’ll try to keep my name as Bobby Bliss for the remainder of the year, so it won’t be so confusing. Thanks.

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