Monthly Archives: February 2006

John Webster Benefit

A benefit disc golf “tournament” was held on January 28, 2006 for John Webster and his family. John was diagnosed earlier in the month as having a very agressive form of brain tumor that was in a very advanced stage of development. The one-round tournament was held at The Albert Schweitzer Nature Preserve disc golf course in Carmichael, also known as “Little Africa”. Turn-out was very good for the no-score event, and the weather even cooperated. The rains held off just long enough for the last of the raffle items to be handed out. Thank you to all who made the event a success, especially to those who drove from as far away as Nevada City and Santa Cruz to be a part of this final tribute to a good friend, a great human being, and a truly average disc golfer. My friend John left us on Wednesday, February 1, 2006, at the all-too-young age of 56. His final moments were spent in the loving company of his family, and I am told he was at peace. He will be missed. — Kevin Couch

The following people gave generously in support of John and his family during his final journey:

Mike McDonald, Mike Letson, Kristina Cavaghan and Mom, Cat Thall,
Ernie Valdez, David Malokpszy, Michael Travers, Chris White, David
Seebach, Mitch Carbone, Kirk Roberts, Mike Guerrero, Del Silva,
Matt Weishahn, Brooke Holton, Mark Wittingslow, Tim Griffin, Rob
Hamilton, Ray Bateman, Dead Doug Heffington, Troy Wescott, Bruce
Knisely, Mark Karlskind, Craig Mills, Dean and Denise Howell, Tom
Schott, Jon Hunter, Ron and Vicki Wetherell, Mrs W.P. Dwyer, Tom and
Jill Chapman, Marvin and Lisa Paul, A. Bell, Eduardo Coronado, Leota
Tyler, The Shane Company, Roseville, John Lipnisky, Jerry Lipnisky,
Maya Gonzales, “Skullmaster” Ron Brown III, Brian Becker, Michael
Kosinski, Shane Robinson, Jim Oates, Mike Michaels, Sean Wilburn,
John Kimball, Tyler Webster, Bill Kohler, Woodland Bradley, Jeff
Michener, Mike Corbett, Becki and Greg Zimmerman, Ed Thompson, Brad
Maycheck, Tim Guild, Chuck Woody, Mike “Chim Chim” Silva, Dan Earls,
Bryan Hill, Billy “Pain Train” Lane, Ronald Beard, Richard
Brumbeloe, James Brumbeloe, Ray Hanson, Felix McGowan, George
Kimmerlein, John Kimmerlein, Johny “Six Fingers” Johnson, Kent Jordan,
Gene Lamka, Jeff and Lisa Metteer, John Mitchell, Tony Couch,
Kevin Couch, Gene and Galer Barnes, Craig Getty, Mike and Patty Vander
Dussen, Mike Woodson and Leslie Harris, Chris Chapman