CSUMB Seminar/Hurricane Benefit

It started out as a seminar for students, faculty, and staff to promote disc golf at CSU Monterey Bay, but thanks to the Professional Disc Golf Association for waving tournament insurance and sanctioning fees, it is now a Hurricane Benefit. All players? fees for the tournament are donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund (Red Cross). The tournament will also be a demonstration for the Monterey City Parks and Recreation Council, because the Monterey “Stinging Jellies” Disc Golf Club have asked them to install a Disc Golf Course in a city park. The proposal was well received, and they want to see just how disc golf is played and will be on hand to observe the activities.

The council members applauded all the disc golfers that attended the meeting and appreciated the enthusiasm shown by all. I told them about the 33% growth in the Disc Golf Class (HPWE 141) at the University and informed them of the Hurricane Benefit on Nov 13th. They really like the fact that a large cross-section of age groups and professions are playing the sport.

The CSUMB Disc Golf Club Seminar/Hurricane Benefit planning is almost complete. The club received $1600 in funding at the ICC (Inter-Club Council). With this money they will purchase 200 custom stamped discs, 50 collared shirts, as well as trophies for amateur prizes. All profits made through fund raising activities will go the student?s club. They have planned a closest to the pin contest and a putting contest; these games will be fun and exciting demonstrations. Other long term goals of this campus club include establishing an Intramural program, forming a Disc Golf Team for inter-collegiate play, improvement of the two courses and promoting student trips to other courses. The CSUMB Disc Golf Club is a very energetic group; that personifies the dreams envisioned by the founding fathers of disc golf.

The Tournament for the PDGA competitors will be 27 holes on the morning of Nov. 13th, the full eighteen of the new Oak Course and the back nine of the Cypress Course, Then they will play a final nine hole showcase round in the afternoon. This final nine will probably be the front nine on the Cypress Course, the same layout played by the students, faculty, and staff that morning. This will allow us, with PDGA guidelines, to rate the layout and institute a player rating system for the student’s intramural program. This layout may produce an ace or two, which will be exciting for spectators and players alike. I used the C-Tier entry fees approved by the PDGA. We are hoping to have a designated building for the sign-up; we’ll know more next week. I would like to start sign-up at 7 am with tee off at 8:30 for the PDGA competitors. The CSUMB players can sign up any time after 9:30 am with tee off as groups form.

In my conversations with Bill Trumbo (Director of Athletics, Sports Recreation, and Health) asked me these questions: “What will it take to get the top four Disc Golfers to play at CSUMB?? “How is your Disc Golf Team?? and “How are your tee sign sponsorships going?”

These questions are music to my ears! I informed Bill that a Central Coast native, Nate Doss, had just won the 2005 World Championships and was planning to attend are University in fall of 2006, and his eyes lit up. I told him that $5000, added to the pro purse would definitely bring in the top players. Bill has bought and paid for the Cypress Course and has offered the CSUMB Disc Golf Club part of the proceeds from the tee sign sponsorships. Any one interested in a tee sign should contact the club treasurer, (Nicholas Huerta) at Nicholas_Huerta@csumb.edu. Please Cc (Carbon Copy) discgolf@csumb.edu, we us this address for our record keeping.

In a final note, I would like to thank Steve Ganz for his generous donation to the Oak Course at CSUMB. Please let him know how much you appreciate his efforts; he has done a lot of work for the PDGA and NorCal Series.

Merle Witvoet


Tournament Flyer

Course info: http://clubs.csumb.edu/discgolf

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    After talking to fellow disc golfers, I’ve decided to lower the entry fees for the event. Pros $40, Advanced $30, Intermediate $25 and Recreational $20: these fees should attract a larger field
    Sign ups start at 7 am in building 98 (corner of General Jim Moore and First St) between the Cypress and Oak Courses. Park on the upper lot across from hole 11 on the Cypress Course.
    Contact, discgolf@mbay.net
    More info: norcalseries.com

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