Disc Golf Saved in San Francisco


The San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department voted unanimously today to expand the existing course in Golden Gate Park to an 18-hole, permanent facility; AND to install an 18-hole, permanent disc golf course in McLaren Park. Re-read that a few times, and give it a chance to sink in.

When I first heard it I was, for maybe the second time in my life, stunned speechless. I think if you could have polled every disc golfer in the room before the meeting began exactly 0.00% of them would have predicted an outcome so heavily in our favor!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the course today, your presence was crucial. Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this crazy dream become reality. There are far too many people to thank: over 1,400 postcards, 900 emails, and hundreds of phone calls, not to mention all of the hours that have gone in to installing and maintaining the course.

Of everyone, though, Ross Hammond deserves special recognition. His constant contact with the Parks Department, and his ability to network the politicos helped keep our momentum through the down years between
1999 and 2003. His work in the past few months got Commissioners out to see the course, and won over even the staunchest of opponents. Today’s vote was, once again, UNANIMOUS. In political terms, that’s a mandate.

Things that will now become reality: Concrete Tee Pads, Tee Signs, Course Signs, and Permanent Tree Protections. Bask in the glory of this victory because it is well-deserved and extra-satisfyingly-sweet. Two courses. Two Courses! TWO COURSES!!

And, of course, that means we have to pay for two courses. As of this writing, all disc golf club memberships have expired, and *everyone* has to re-up their dues. Please put me down for the first $25.00, and let’s start brainstorming ways to raise the money we’re going to need.

Still pretty damn speechless,

Greg – Q –
Founder, SFDGC

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  1. Hey, Greg and everyone else who worked to get this accomplished…

    We here in Chico have had similar success! We had a five out of six park commissioners vote in favor of continuing the EIR process for our two courses in Upper Bidwell Park! They also went as far as suggesting an additional short course be placed in lower Bidwell park for children! Thats the possibility of Three courses in Bidwell Park!! It seems that the tide is turning for disc golf in towns that have always seemed to be hard to communicate with. It would seem that we have been right all along! Disc golf is good!!!

    Mark Bohn – Chico Disc Golf Club

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