Disc Golf in Golden Gate Park is in Danger

Friends — we have just learned that the Parks Dept. staff will recommend at next week’s Commission hearing that the disc golf course in Golden Gate Park be REMOVED and *maybe* relocated to McLaren Park. at the very southern end of the city. We cannot allow this to happen — we need you all to come to next weeks’s hearing which will take place 
Thursday, October 20th at 2pm in City Hall in Room 416. You need to bring as many people as possible — friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors.

The Commission does not *have* to follow the staff’s recommendations. But if not enough of us show up they probably will. Only a massive turnout can turn this around. We realize that getting time off on a weekday is no easy task — but the very existence of the course in
Golden Gate
Park is at stake. Please join us!

There are two other simple things you can do whether you can make it to the hearing or not:

We are asking everyone to take a moment in the next 2 weeks and call the Parks Dept. at 415-831-2700 and simply tell whoever answers that you want the course to be expanded to a full 18 holes and made permanent. This will literally take 20 seconds – they will thank you for your input and add it to their tally of comments for or against and that’s that. We all know what happens when we put things off until later, so PLEASE make this call TODAY.

If you have not already done so, please SEND A LETTER to the Parks Commission. Simply go to: http://www.sfdiscgolf.org/feedback/feedback.html

Once again, here are the details:

Parks Commission Hearing on Disc Golf in
Golden Gate
When: 2pm, Thursday October 20th
Where: City Hall, Room 416

Together, we can make disc golf a permanent fixture inSan Francisco.

Thanks for your continued support,

Ross Hammond
SF Disc Golf Club

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