A Challenge to Disc Golfers of NorCal

by Kevin Couch

Its been nearly two weeks now, but sometimes inspiration comes slowly.

We have all seen the devastation and suffering caused by the awesome destructive power of hurricane Katrina, and how it has been compounded by the bungling of those in positions of power. Its hard to watch. We feel helpless and angry. We should be angry, but we are not helpless. Each of us can give, whether by contibuting to one of the relief orgs, by getting into the actual relief effort, or by volunteering in our own community.

But we can also help by doing what we love to do, what brings us together as a unique family. If the disc golf community takes up this challenge, we can help make a difference by playing disc golf. NBA players are coming together to play in a benefit game. Artists have performed to benefit the relief effort. I say that we can play every remaining tournament in 2005 as a benefit tournament. I challenge every golfer in NorCal, every man, every woman, every junior, every am, every pro, every tournament director, and everyone on the NorCal Committee. Play every tournament remaining in 2005 and donate the entry fee to one of the relief organizations. All entry fees, minus expenses, and players packs, at the TD’s discretion. That means no prizes, no prize money; and it’s understood at the gitgo. If we could get sponsors, we’d no doubt get their involvement, too. But we usually only play for our own money anyway, so lets give something back to the community for once. In a big way.

The immediate disaster in the Gulf is over, but the need is still there and will be for many months, if not years. Lets pull together during the coming few months and commit to doing this one thing that we can do as group to help. It will be good for disc golf, and it will be good for us as individuals.

Thank you,

5 thoughts on “A Challenge to Disc Golfers of NorCal”

  1. I like the idea but I think 100% might be a bit much. It would be easy for someone like me who rarely wins money and has a good job but many players rely on their winnings for a big part of their income. I would encourage all disc golfers to contribute what they can and withing their means. I would also think that taking 10-20% off the top would be a good idea. Nice thinking, Kevin!

  2. We had informal discussions at the last DDGC meeting where it was suggested playing an impromptu one round FaultLine Warmup at DeLaVeaga on Sat. Sept. 24th, where the nominal entry fee of say, $10 would go to the RedCross for Disaster Relief?

    it hasn’t been confirmed, but, i think that the DDGC leaders would support this.

    i would be happy to organize….signup by 9:30am…teeoff by 10:00am?

  3. Kevin- Best idea I’ve heard of in a long time as far as the Disc Golf community giving something back to the community, even if it isn’t a local community. To give all of the purse back might be a bit of a hard sell, although I think to give a percentage whatever it may be would be easier accepted. Instead besides giving all or part of the purse, how about also including the Raffle money that’s generated at these events, with an emphasis on EVERYBODY donating ALL the Disc Golf paraphernalia (something most of us have acquired over the years, and especially stuff we know we will never use) that we can part with, to redistribute back to a good home, and also to challenge the event hosts to break their own “Best Raffle Record” (in regards to money raised). So after the Raffle is over, announce the Money raised so far, (maybe even make a “Thermometer” style “Goal” sign), then at the awards give the “winners” the option of wheather they ‘CAN’ donate their “Winnings” or not. If any T.D.’s are out there interested in the Raffle idea e-mail me with a little time to respond, and I’d be more than Happy to donate a “Special” batch of Tie-Dye Clothing to any and ALL T.D.’s (Calif. Only). NOW is the TIME for the Disc Golf Community to “Step to the Plate”.

  4. On Saturday September 24, the Delaveaga Disc Golf Club held a
    Benfit Tournament for the victims of the hurricanes on the
    Gulf Coast. A $10 donation was asked and much more was given! With a total of only 34 players, the DDGC raised
    $435.00 for the cause. The DDGC also kicked in an additional
    $100 for a grand total of $535.00

    Players were donating their winnings for the day and there
    were a few that donated who didn’t even play! This is a
    great testament to the spirit of the game and the players who
    make it all happen. The DDGC would like to thank everyone
    who participated and we welcome and encourage other disc golf
    clubs throughout NorCal to run similar events.

    A special thanks to Kevin Couch for spurring us on to action.

    Donations will continue to be taken through Oct 23 (the date
    of the DDGC picnic). If you would like to contribute through
    the DDGC, please visit our website at http://www.delaveagadiscgolf.com

    All the best,

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