2005 NorCal Championships

2005 NorCal Championships – Valley Springs, CA

A NorCal Series | PDGA B-Tier Event
Sept. 10th – 11th, 2005

Special Thanks

The NorCal Championships were a great success and there were many smiles and happy winners to prove that point. I think for myself, the most memorable moment was when Dave Malolepzsy stopped what I was doing to get me to look at the beautiful sunset on Friday. New Hogan Reservoir is a gem of a place and I suspect we will be returning there again next year. The Rangers stopped by before I left to compliment me, again, on the nice habits of our players and how clean we left the venue. Moon Johnson and Dave Malolepzsy stayed late Sunday to scan our area and place all the bags of trash in the dumpster.

The guys that jumped in to be the basket crew, Rob Byers, Dave Malolepzsy, Kevin Crews, Mike Wallace, and others, really burned up some calories on Friday and Sunday. Quite the unsung heroes in my opinion, because few people but the TD’s know how much work that involves. A big thanks to you guys.

I would like to thank Lynn Costa and Marybeth Byers for constant support at Disc Central over the two days, helping in countless ways, and helping me to maintain a sense of inner sanity by showing confidence in me.

I would like to thank my sponsors and suppliers Full Sail Brewing, Disc Golf Association, Display Your Disc, A-Plus Prints, Royal Touch Catering, and Hoellwarth Designs for providing the trophies, shirts, and players package of quality stuff in a timely manner. They also helped in offering their services or merchandise at a discount price.

Finally, I would like to thank our host, the Rangers at New Hogan Reservoir, for their welcome and friendly attitude. They were very helpful and accomodating. That attitude was felt by the players as well and led to an enjoyable weekend for all. I hope we may return again next year.

Skins Qualifiers

Open Men

  1. Nate Doss
  2. Josh Anthon
  3. Gregg Barsby
  4. Ray Johnson
  5. Roger Cansler
  6. Steve Rico
  7. Jason Tyra
  8. Brian Costa
  9. Jason Herm
  10. Jonathan Baldwin
  11. Myles Harding
  12. Brad Armstrong

Open Women

  1. Kathy Manley
  2. Carrie Berlogar
  3. Amy Campbell
  4. Anni Kreml


  1. Peter Sontag
  2. Billy Lane
  3. Johnny Lissaman
  4. Geoff Fiedler
  5. Scott Riley
  6. Harold Hampton
  7. Mike Imlay
  8. Kenny Lee


  1. Dave
  2. Hunt Hyde
  3. Dave Melton
  4. Michael Travers

Advanced Men

  1. Scott Aaron
  2. David Haning
  3. Jonah Schmidt
  4. Dave Holwerda
  5. Jeff Jones
  6. Todd Farris
  7. Levi Keilty
  8. Eric Edwards
  9. George Ross
  10. Desmond Knibbs
  11. Patrick Brown
  12. Tim Messer
  13. #1 Intermediate: John Rawdon

Advanced Women

  1. Jennifer Smith
  2. Kari Rose
  3. Annie Mindrum
  4. Sheri Hoefler

Advanced Masters

  1. Doug Werner
  2. Dave Thomas
  3. Bob Diamond
  4. David Hammer

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