Tahoe Pro/Am: Results

Tahoe Pro/Am – Lake Tahoe, CA

A NorCal Series | PDGA B-Tier
July 9 – 10, 2005

Highlights of the Tahoe Pro/Am July 9-10 2005, as well as who put the TWIST in the “Barsby”???

by Russ Wey

We had a full field max’d out at 135 this past weekend, with special thanks again going to all the ladies who showed up (12 in all) , for I was able to put 3 different divisions of women together under the Adv. Women catagory, and from what I heard, they got along splendidly, something the Men lack a great deal of. It was quite the SHOOTOUT in the Open between Nate Doss & Gregg Barsby. After Nate’s ACE on #27 in the 1st round to post a 69 (-12) on the 8,131′ , 27 hole course, followed by Barsby at -10, Josh Anton at -9, the second round leader group of Doss,Barsby, Anton, Paul Sanchez, Roger Cansler tore up the course with Doss & Barsby battling it out. At one point Barsby had BIRDIES between #2 through#13 (12 in a row) with Doss getting 14 out of 15 in the same stretch to score a 65 for both. Ben Fairly Aced #26 (236′) in the 2nd rd. The next day with the course stretched out to a Whopping 10,324′ (382 ave. per hole) and a couple of New pin positions installed that week, it was Jason Herm who proved to be the only one capable of shooting under par with a -1 out of the Whole field, while Napa Crush Dude Chris White shot the only par for the third and last round. Nate Doss was just 3 strokes better than Gregg to capture 1st place with Jason Herm finishing 14 strokes back for 3rd. place. Congrats. to Eric Drake & Barsby for the only 2 birds on the 470′ hole #16. Now for the TWIST??? Remember the “King of the Lake” tourny I had a couple weeks ago, remember “The Barsby” (an award I made up this year after Gregg took 1st place in the Open for both the Tahoe Pro/Am & the King of the Lake last year. Note: Brian Lipe also did the same in the Adv. Master div. the same year, but I just thought the “Barsby” sounds better than the “Lipe”, sorry Brian.) So this year if anybody did the Barsby I would DOUBLE their payout at the Pro/Am. I had 4 of the division winners return to the Pro/Am to try their luck at doubling their winnings. No such luck, although it was Lorien White in the Adv. Womens field who came the closest finishing just 7 strokes out for 3rd. So with no winner came the stipulation of a $200.00 bonus to the overall low score. Some of the boys that were in the hunt finished with Arjang Mirzadegan and Jeff Jones at a total of 432, Kevin Couch at 430, Brian Costa at 421, Dave Haning at 418, Ray Johnson & Roger Cansler at 408, Geoff Lissaman coming in at 2nd with a total of 405 and the WINNER is JASON HERM of Grass Valley with a grand total of 397, but wait a minute here, where’s Barsby total, Oh Yeah, he wasn’t shooting good enough at the “KING” to cash so he QUIT at the last hole ( must of heard the FAT LADY singing ), so he could maintain his players rating. Truth is, it wasn’t over, she wasn’t singing for there was still the Pro/Am to play. So to get to the punch line if Gregg Barsby had recorded his 177 at the “KING” and put that with his 219 at the Pro/Am OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WOULD HAVE WON THE BONUS WITH A COMBINED 396. Personally you can have my player rating just SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Yes the “BARSBY” will be in effect next year.

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