24 Hour Disc Golf Charity Marathon

Hi All,

I recently spoke with Chris Himing & Elaine, and we are definitely go for the 24 hour challenge.

Sat July 23rd @ Harding’s start 9 AM or when ever you get there :)
Finish 9 AM Sunday.

This year will be less grueling, and more festive, unless grueling is your thing.

There will be a mini course. Music. A poker game, and what I am for now calling Disc Golf Hold’em.

Players can come and go, and start and stop playing disc golf as they please over the entire 24 hours, but when you do play, you are encouraged to play what will be match play, hole by hole, for chips you will be given when you sign in. Whether you’re on the mini course or the regular one.

Something like this:

Say there are 4 players in a group, on each hole each player will pay a 1 chip ante. After the drive, lead thrower will have a chance to raise the bet, other players can call or fold. Winner of the hole takes the chips, ties are spit pot.

At the end of the whole thing, we’ll have a prize for the player with the most chips.

*If you want a players pack before the event, you must send reg before July 1. Otherwise you’ll get it a few weeks later.

– John Steele

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