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NorCal Series Championships Final

The 2004 NorCal Series Championships are in the books.

Doubles Results

WOW! What a season. And what an ending. Merle Witvoet and his crew in
Monterey hosted anJason Tyra - 2004 NorCal Series Champion - Photo Credit: John Steele awesome
NorCal Series Finals. The new temp course shows such amazing potential
for what is hoped and dreamed to be a new and permanent destination for
disc golfers from around the world.

The points race was tight
in almost all divisions.
Pros and Ams alike faced fierce NorCal
competition with the outcome of some races coming down to the wire
and in one case down to the last stroke.

Here is how it all played out in the end:


Jason Tyra: 480

Roger Cansler: 429%

Myles Harding: 412


Ruth Steele: 109

Anni Kreml: 98

Amy Campbell: 66


Kenny Lee: 282

Scott Riley: 235

Rob Harding: 211


Brian Costa: 396

James Wood: 391

George Ross: 366 1


Bob Diamond: 241

Roger Lowrey: 237

Steve Ivy: 199


Anni Mindrum: 113

Staci Pauly: 104


Todd Farris: 572*

Jeff Jones: 572

Jory Greene: 563

%Roger had to DNF under heat stroke conditions at the Napa
Vintage Cup. His parting words while being carted off the course were…”I
need the points…the points race…”

1Would have been a three horse race and a photo finish
if Geo hadn’t skipped the finals for the United States Amatuer Disc
Golf Championship.

*Won by virtue of best finish in the 2004 NorCal Series Championships.

Year End Awards

Hall of Fame

Inagural Inductees

Michael Travers

Neal Hoellwarth

T.C. Bare

NorCal Rookie of the Year

Kathy Manley

Sportsmen of the Year

Pro: Tony Tran

Am: Steve Ganz

NorCal Road Warrior

TC Bare

2004 NorCal Series Championship Doubles

Jason Tyra Gregg Barsby 71* Jason Barkes James Wood 74*
Don Smith Nate Doss 71 Paul Cedusky Bill Sherman 74
Ray Johnson Jason Herm 71 Lee Hoellwarth Dave Wood 76
Matt Vorhees John Baldwin 72 Evan Sjostrom Desmond Knibbs 77
Scott Riley Brad Armstrong 72 Steve Thomas Chris Bobb 77
Myles Harding Tony Tran 73 Steve Lonhart Dan Carl 77
Michael Travers Jim Oates 75 Dan Corbett Sam Aldrich 78
Kenny Lee Michael Wallace 75 Eric Stachnick Jef Wind 78
John Child Mike Ruzicka 77 Stan Pratt Matt Scott 79
Rob Harding Merle Witvoet 77 Brian Costa Ryan Bertoncini 79
Jim Kroutch John Steele 78 Chris Rivera Roger Lowrey 81
Geoff Fiedler Peter Sontag 78 Matt Borek Michael McAnaney 82
Mike Brown Dave Jones 80 Jeff Kribell Eric Moskus 82
Jim Hagen CJ Jahr 80 Steve Ganz Micah Bowman 83
Billy Payne Richard Brumbeloe 84 Doug Johnson Jorey Greene 84
Steve Ivy Bob Diamond 85
Nick Garcia Jason Lane 86
Brian Rossi Jared Paul 86
Craig Pyle Mike Tirey 88
Bodi Tunheim Russell Jacobson 88
Josh Barnett Jerimiah Allabach 88
T-Bone Walter Lanford 88
Isaac Fivela Mark Fivela 89
Ric Velasco Roger Whitestong 95
Curtis Paul Ryan Paul 100